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ecXeed is a Swiss management consulting company based in Zürich with more than 10 years of extensive consulting experience and a 4.0 business model.

We focus on digitization and generating value out of data & information.


With exclusive consulting expertise, many years of cross industry experience, structured methods and passionate commitment, we strive for your best possible solution.

We are a strategic alliance of top quality consulting experts, dedicated to delivering the highest value tailored to your specific needs.

We believe that data and information is the most important asset for your company to survive and grow in a 4.0 digital future, but only if it is combined with human assets.

Supporting our clients in the transformation journey includes a strategic Data & Analytics framework considering business needs, organization and technology.  

This focus will help you to unite the key processes that drive your business through a more holistic strategy. This approach enables you to operate more effectively and efficiently.   

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